29 Weeks

Here is the typical baby bump shot, just shy of 29 weeks.
Hey everyone, welcome to the third trimester! Technically we have been in the last trimester for a couple weeks but it is so weird thinking we are in the home stretch. Can you believe how ginormous I am getting? We had a doctor’s appointment on Friday and everything is looking great- baby is measuring right on schedule. My doctor said, “If you think you are big now, just wait. This baby is going to triple in size, which means so are you.” He is so tactful.

At this point, Baby Sorensen is about 15 inches long and weighs 2 1/2 to three pounds. Her little skeleton is hardening a little bit more every day and her lungs are getting more developed. If born now, she would have a 95% rate of survival. That is a comforting statistic for sure, but we still need her to cook a bit longer. She is still in breech presentation, but that is still normal for this gestational age, and I’m sure in a few more weeks she will flip around and start kicking me in the ribs.

Everyone keeps asking me how I am feeling, and I am happy to report I am feeling great. I’ve said before that I feel really lucky to have avoided some not so fun parts of pregnancy, and my fingers are crossed that I can finish strong. Yes, I am more uncomfortable, yes, I use so many pillows to sleep at night that I am concerned I might accidentally smother Jazz. But hey, I can still buckle my shoes, and I don’t have any heartburn!

Last weekend I drove all the way to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I went in and started walking around and could not for the life of me remember why I was there. A gift? Some new spatulas? I have no idea. I wandered for about ten minutes and then I left empty handed. Pregnant brain strikes again.

Our mission now is to seriously get going on the nursery. After all, we really only have 11 weeks until this baby is due to arrive!

5 thoughts on “29 Weeks

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but pregnancy brain never goes away…it turns into kids brain. I feel like I am always forgetting stuff. I am so glad that you still feel good! Your belly is super cute. 🙂 We need to figure out a shower date soon!


  2. Oh cute! I love the bump. I got your adorable shower invite in the mail and so wish I was in California to join you. What baby bedding did you find? I want to see it.


  3. um i basically think you're the greatest and you're my hero. thank you and goodbye.




  5. You are so dang cute! Your going to be a great mom I cant wait for you!


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