A few of my favorite things…

As previously mentioned, we have started to shop around for baby stuff, and it is FUN. I have never really been a fan of pink, I was always a purple kind of gal, but there are some really cute things you can do with a pink baby room.

I would like to paint the walls green- something light and fresh, something that could be used for our little girl OR a future boy baby. Something along these lines…
The crib that I totally fell in love with is like one million dollars at Pottery Barn Kids- but I received a secret tip that there were some pottery barn cribs at the Down East outlet here in Sandy. Sure enough, they have the exact crib I had been swooning over, just at 60% off! (Thanks Candace!) We haven’t purchased just yet… where do you store a giant pre-assembled crib?

Next…bedding. I am kind of particular in this area, only because I want the baby bedding to be beautiful and girly without having Dora the Explorer stuck all over it. There are a lot of really ugly crib sets out there and I am pretty sure I have seen them all now. So far this one is my favorite:

I love the stripes and polka dots, and I know I can easily match it to the rest of the room. Its antique feeling (totally my style) without feeling like it made the pioneer trek across the plains.

Of course, what room would be complete without some Ikea furniture. Also, my pregnancy brain has made it impossible to spell furniture without the aid of my spell checker. (Twice now. nice.)
This would theoretically be a changing table with a pad on top. I am not crazy about the idea of having a built in changing table on top because I would like to be able to have some versatility here. Not to mention, some babies love a changing table, some babies hate them. We will see. Wouldn’t it be cute to swap the knobs out for some cute anthropologie hardware?
I’m a tad obsessed with this bookshelf. It would be perfect for books, toys, picture frames, basket drawers full of onesies and diapers… I mean it is a total dusting nightmare, but it would be so cute in the baby’s room. And with Ikea, you know you aren’t going to spend a ton of dough.

I love this Pink Bird Mobile by Blabla. They have tons of cute baby things, but this one is my favorite. Everything is handmade and super adorable.

A realize that coveting is a sin, but I’m pretty sure there is a clause somewhere in there that says “except for Anthropologie stuff, you may covet that all the live long day.” Here is the Buzzing Garden Shade by Anthro. I saw it at the store last week and tried to fit it into my purse. It didn’t fit. And it’s also illegal.

I realize that we have a lot of time to finalize everything, and I am sure I will change my mind one hundred times before the room is finished, but I am excited.

As soon as Jazz reads this blog, his eyes will roll into the back of his head and he will start foaming at the mouth, his hands will shape into dollar signs and he will pass out. He will come around though, just give him some air, he will be fine.

So, what do you think?

8 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things…

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  2. looooove the bedding. I am not into pink myself, but that bedding totally works. And I have seen that book shelf before in kids rooms, and it adds a lot! Good taste good taste!


  3. mmk. i have that exact ikea dresser with anthro knobs in my little girl's nursery! not to mention stripe/polka dot bedding that i am in love with. plus a white bookcase thing with basket drawers & a sturdy, gigantic white crib. -haha- only difference is mine's all black & white with yellow accents. needless to say i love what you've picked so far. i spent hours-infinity online looking at baby stuff. have fun with it!


  4. So why haven’t we seen Ellery’s baby room?It really is cute and so is yours going to be.


  5. I love that you might paint the room green. Do it.


  6. Love it all! The stripes and polka dot bedding is so cute! Love the dresser and cute knobs from Anthro…it is so a go! That bookshelf would be so awesome. Yea!


  7. I really like the bedding. Plus, my idea to work out the crib situation at Downeast totally worked! Yea. If you’re patient and stop by frequently, Downeast is the ideal bargain-hunting store. Note: the Orem Downeast is 5 times the size of most and carries extra amounts of Sundance and PB furniture. Haven’t been to the one in Sandy.I sometimes finding myself wishing I had a bed and could just live in Anthro. Everything is just too darn ridiculous to buy though. Jared thinks that place is one giant WASTE. I say nay and continue to shop.I really like what you’ve picked out. This little girly is going to be living in style.


  8. Mic-awesome stuff. Funny thing-I actually was in anthro not too long ago-saw the EXACT same lamp shade. I snapped a photo and am in the process of trying to replicate it on my own…I’m not sure its going to turn out-but I loved it so much! Also the crib looks a LOT like ours! Did you ever see the nursery I don’t think you did, it kind of ended up being a little bolder colors that I originally anticipated-but I love it-and I love that the space came together the way I wanted-that whole nesting thing is IMPORTANT-tell Jazz I said so! Love you guys!


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