Pronoun Update

Spur of the moment on Saturday between General Conference sessions, Jazz and I ran to a 3D Ultrasound place in Sandy to get a peek at our baby. Ever since we found out we were expecting, we have been DYING to find out the gender of this little fetus. I really don’t know how people wait all 40 weeks, I would seriously explode. Patience just does not come easily to me. So we broke down and paid the extra money to get an early preview of our offspring.




It’s a GIRL! From what the doctor saw, he said she was a healthy 15 week baby girl, we got to see arms and legs and her little nose and 5 fingers (so we know she has at least one good hand). She had the hiccups while we were watching her on screen and it was incredible to see her whole body jump around like she was showing off for us. Maybe she has some of my competitiveness….

I am so excited! I kind of guessed it was a boy, while pretty much everyone else in the whole world thought it was a girl. Motherly instinct? It hasn’t kicked in yet. Jazz was so thrilled as I think he was secretly hoping it was a little girl. We have had two nieces born in the last year and we are excited to add another little girl to their play dates.

Without further adieu, here is Baby Girl (I don’t have to call her “it” or “fetus” or “herm” anymore!)

And no, we will not be showing the ultrasound picture that proves she is female because she is a lady and ladies are modest and most certainly do not flash their goods on the internet.

So here is to pink and purple and fluff and bows and tea parties and all things girly!

12 thoughts on “Pronoun Update

  1. YEA! WOW, this is even more exciting bc i was thinking you wouldn’t know for a few more weeks. let the shopping begin!


  2. I totally called it. Even before Liz was the size of a pinhead. Think of all the little girl shoes you can buy on!!!


  3. Oh, how exciting!!! I was with you on the thoughts of boy. Your last couple generations always started with blue, but pink is sure a lot of fun as my progeny will attest too.


  4. YEA!!!! I am so excited that you are having a girl. The dresses, bows, tutus, etc. are all so much fun! (Well from what I have heard!) I knew that you were having a girl! So fun!


  5. Seriously she is going to be just like you Mic… a perfect angel… hahaha! I am really excited to see you dress her up in as sorts of cute clothes and then I will come over to play! Sab


  6. *I meant all sorts of clothes: man I’m really having a hard time posting stuff this week, sorry about that


  7. Oh yea I am so happy for you! Girls are so fun to shop for.


  8. Micci, don’t go out and buy anything just yet! We were told that one of the twins was a girl. The Dr. was 90% sure, anyways, wait one more visit! If it is for sure though, Congratulations! I couldn’t picture you with anything else!:)


  9. Yay yay yay!! Now I command you to spend hours on searching for hair bows and tutus and all other things your mother would be proud of. Are you two going to share the name when it’s picked?


  10. Congrats, Girls really are the best.


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