Horrible, no good, very bad day.

I have started a blog post almost everyday this week and then stopped every time.

Did I run out of interesting stuff to talk about? I don’t know.

But I have been one moody pregnant lady all week long.

This morning was no different.

I woke up tired. How is this even possible when I go to sleep at 9:30 pm? It’s because I wake up every 90 minutes all night long to use the bathroom, to rollover, or to adjust pillows. Seriously this is getting annoying, I don’t think I have slept through the night since week 6.

I took a shower late last night, thinking my hair would air dry and it would be no problem to straighten this morning. Uh, wrong, I looked like an over sized parrot with a big fluffy mullet. I plugged in al lof my hot electrical appliances to tackle this beast and it took forever.

And I swear this weather is making me go insane. Our office is all windows so in the afternoon it really heats up- I mean like, bring your vacation clothes to work or else be prepared to work in your skivvys. So I stood in front of my closet for no less than 20 minutes, trying to find something suitable for layering to wear so I would be warm in the morning, and nice and cool by the afternoon time. I tried on a zillion things. Stuff doesn’t fit the same. I cried. Jazz hugged me. I went to work.

I had a dream last night about giant maple donuts, so I thought I would be a super employee today and bring some in for the office. Well, when you spend a half hour getting dressed, it doesn’t leave much time for super employee-ness.

Now I am at work. Without breakfast. With a hungry fetus. In some weird outfit that I know will be too hot in about three hours. I don’t mean to complain, except I mean to complain. Some days are like that, even in Australia.

10 thoughts on “Horrible, no good, very bad day.

  1. haha. okay, i don’t mean to laugh of your crappy day. but the stuff you write is freaking hilarious. like “an over-sized parrot with a big fluffy mullet.” i love it! and i hope your day gets better. only 1 more day of work this week.


  2. I hate days like that! Where you dont sleep all night…. you try to be “prepared” by showering the night before, and you have this marvelous idea of how you will look the next day… and it doesnt go that way. Females… we rock. It doesnt take much to upset us when we are moody. I hope your day gets better. Can you at least open a window? Or invest in a fan???


  3. there’s hope miccolena, tomorrow is friday and then you can rest all weekend with a cheeseball in your lap watching tivo and laying around in pj’s that fit!!! you need a leigh hug – even if it’s virtual. I LOVE YOU *HUG!!!*


  4. oh Micci, I totally understand. Trust me. Completely been there. Sometimes it is days like these where retail therapy comes in real handy. Go buy yourself some new clothes that make you feel great! Hang in there and know that it’s just one day. You can make it!


  5. I’m sorry your having a bad day/week/6weeks…that sucks. I have to say though that I am giddy because you quoted one of my favorite children’s books in this post. Some days are like that…even in Australia :).Let’s hang out and make each other’s days better–love Baxter


  6. My whole week has been like this & I'm not even pregnant. Just MOODY!! We need to have our girls night out more often, it always makes me feel better. Hang in there & I agree with Callie, new clothes that feel good work wonders on the attitude.


  7. And a least you have posted something unlike, say Britta or Krystal.


  8. Oh Micci,Welcome to the world of pregnant women! It sucks! Yes, it does! You just remember that when all else fails, get a pedi and enjoy the moments of de-stress. Also buy some cute new maternity clothes and that always seems to help me! Good luck! I wish you all the best.


  9. Micci, welcome to being pregnant. I don’ miss those days. But I can say this most of the time it gets better I loved being pregnant, wait until you feel your baby move for the first time. I can still remember how I felt then after that you don’t really care what you wear as long as it is comfortable. Hang in there…;)


  10. Isn’t being pregnant the best!?! I love the “over sized parrot with a big fluffy mullet!” I highly doubt that YOUR hair could ever look like that. Tell Jazz that you need some new clothes! It always made me feel better! Hang in there you are 1/3 done!


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